Study Materials for Competative Preparations

S.No. Title Downloads
1 Coupling Scheme Click here
2 Spin Orbit Interaction Click here
3 Coupling Scheme - 2 Click here
4 Pauli's Exclusion Principle Click here
5 Spectra of Alkali Metals Click here
6 Constraints and Generalized Coordinates Click here
7 d‘Alembert’s Principle and Lagrange’s Equations Click here
8 Symmetry transformations and conservation Laws Click here
9 Calculus of Variations Click here
10 Hamilton’s Principle and Lagrange’s Equation Click here
11 Solid State Physics by Y.M Galperin Click here
12 Electrodynamics by J D Jackson Click here
13 Electrodynamics by Griffth Click here
14 solid state theory Click here
15 nuclear physics Click here
16 fundamentals of nuclear physics Click here
17 Basics of Lasers Click here
18 statistical physics Click here
19 Goldstein Poole Safko Classical Mechanics Click here

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Raman spectroscopy part-1 (B3 PHY P1 U4)

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Raman Spectroscopy part-2 (B3 PHY P1 U4 2)

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Raman Spectroscopy part-3 (B3 PHY P1 U 4 3)

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Introduction to molecular spectroscopy (B1PHY P1 U4)

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Rotational spectroscopy

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